Hawfinch and White-tailed Eagle

Two very different bird species, but both with an extremely powerful beak.
The former cracks a cherry pit with childish ease and the latter carelessly tears a Greylag goose to pieces.
The Hawfinch is a very scarce breeding bird on Texel. With a size of around seventeen centimeters, it is a large, beautifully colored finch. Due to its unobtrusive sound and hidden lifestyle, this species is not often seen.
The White-tailed Eagle has been breeding in the Netherlands since 2006 (14 pairs in 2018). Texel is visited regularly. And that does not usually go unnoticed.
With a wingspan of up to two and a half meters, this giant causes quite a bit of panic among the geese and ducks present. He does not seem fast and somewhat clumsy but that is an illusion.
Once in hunting mode, they are amazingly fast and agile.
As many as three immature White-tailed Eagles were observed on Texel on 21 March.

appelvink19032020 2

Appelvink / Hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes, De Cocksdorp, Texel, 18-03-2020




Zeearend / White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla, 2 cy, De Koog, Texel, 21-03-2020

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