Some bird species call their own name. The best-known example is perhaps the Cuckoo. But also meadow birds like Grutto (Black-tailed Godwit) and Kievit (Northern Lapwing) do this. With a difficult word this is called an onomatopoeia, a sound mimicking word. This is also the case with the Corncrake but this is the scientific name Crex crex. The well-known grating with, for example, a credit card over the teeth of a hair comb.

From 8 to 13 May, a rare Corncrake occasionally had a magnificent view of the Renvogelveld in the north of Texel. Lapwing and Black-tailed Godwit are breeding birds on Texel with 300 and 100 pairs respectively. (estimate based on breeding data from the annual overview 'Birds on Texel' edition 2018). Their number is steadily decreasing due to intensive agriculture, among other things.

Kwartelkoning09052020 2

Kwartelkoning / Corn crake Crex crex, Renvogelveld, Texel, 09-05-2020


Grutto bloemrijk grasland 17052020 2

Grutto / Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa, De Cocksdorp, Texel, 17-05-2020


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