The announced change in the weather with a depression above NL and a high pressure over Scandinavia became reality. This brought many birds to Texel. Friday October 11 was a windy day, with unfortunately few good species. The Taiga Bean Goose which was found in polder Eijerland was a highlight. Striking was the large number of migrating thrushes. Saturday was fairly calm weather with little wind and occasional sunshine. The absolute highlight was the discovery of a possible Eastern Bonelli's Warbler in De Tuintjes. Photos and sound recordings provide hopefully sufficient data for a confirmation of this rarity . The Blyth's Reed Warbler which was discovered last Thursday in polder Wassenaar, showed up very nice this day. The Red-breasted Flycatcher was seen by only a few people in the bungalow park in polder Het Noorden. With a total of 182 bird species seen this was very good bird day . Unfortunately, many good species were only seen by some observers. Some examples Great Northern Diver, Storm Petrel, Great Snipe, Red Phalarope and Parrot Crossbill. Today made ​​a strong southeast wind 7 and lots of rain searching very difficult. The possible Eastern Bonelli's Warbler was still present today but did show up late in the afternoon again . The Blyth's Reed Warbler was seen by only one person. With the predicted calmer weather for next week it can be exciting again .... Look for more and current observations on the site of the VWG Texel


Struikrietzanger / Blyth's Reed Warbler Acrocephalus dumetorum, polder Wassenaar, De Cocksdorp, Texel, 12-10-2013


Mogelijke Balkanbergfluiter / Possible Eastern Bonelli's Warbler Phylloscopus orientalis, De Tuintjes, De Cocksdorp, Texel, 12-10-2013


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Jos van den Berg is een bekende Texelse vogelaar en fotograaf. Hij is dagelijks in het veld te vinden en schrijft regelmatig een blog over nieuwe vogelsoorten, excursies op Texel en andere wetenswaardigheden.

jos vandenberg

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